Forgotten Realms and Beyond

01: Escape from Velkynvelve

Attack of Demons, Befriending Derro and Duergars

An Epic Escape

The adventurers were all taken from their journeys and homes while up on the upper world to somewhere in the depths of the earth for a sinister purpose by the drow. However, while enslaved fortune somewhat favored the adventurers and a roving band of Vrock demons were attacking one another at the fort of Velkynvelve’s courtyard grounds. A wounded drow eager to get back at the high priestess released the adventurers and helped them escape but not until the high priestess caught him and made him pay. The adventurers sought to find their possessions before leaving and while doing so dispatched more than half the forces of Velkynvelve with mere make shift weapons. Eventually finding their possessions, they take their quaggoth ally, Derendil, with them who eagerly helps them in their plight for he desires to return to his kingdom within the High Forest. As the adventurers were escaping one of their companions, Eldeth met with a disastrous fate. Eldeth a friend to Tharnak was caught in an unsuspecting fireball spell launched from the high priestess. She was instantly disintegrated leaving only her armor and weapon lying on the ground. Tharnak retrieved her hammer and ran with the group offering all the healing a cleric could give under the circumstances. They eventually make their way out through the south tunnel in Velkynvelve where they meet with a crazy Derro named Buppido who instantly helps them with info and options to getting back to their homes.

The group traveled for some undetermined time making several long rest before the windy caverns littered with eerily glowing Faerzress orbs began to fade and usher in a glow from the interesting mushroom flora and fauna. The caverns were still windy and damp but were littered with rare mushrooms that were found to be quite useful to a few of the party members. They were instantly snatched up by the strange looking construct adventurer named Vicar.

Shortly after entering the mushroom caverns Dali’s little companion Nyx took notice to some Gnolls cooking up a few gnomes. The adventurers pounced and managed to save and heal one but the other was lost. The gnolls were noticeably stranger than normal and even the adventurers who could not speak gnoll heard a familiar word being shrieked by the gnolls’ dying breath, the word Yeenoghu, which is known by most as a demon lord the gnolls worship. They took the gnome in and offered him protection as he too was needing to get back to Gracklstugh.

As they progressed the group cleverly kept a scout in front alerting them to every strange shape and inhabitant the mushroom cavern presented. They came across a loathsome looking stone giant who was accosted with yellowish rashy polyps all over his body and he was fixated on drawing or carving some strange motif on the ground. The group slipped by unnoticed and continued to move silently. Going around various sharp and winding turns and avoiding what looked like a slime pit with potential reward the group continued. After a few hours of moving silently and etching around each corner they come across a few myconids off a side tunnel and choose to ignore the mushroom people and take Buppido’s advice to continue down the main tunnel. Nearing the exit they come across some Gray dwarf slavers who happen to have just made them a fine catch in myconids. Rather than confront the group they decide to try and parley and perhaps could offer assistance…

And just like any other time when something starts to go good they begin to hear fighting from within the cavern behind them. The tunnels they had just traversed now sounded packed with metal clinging, clanging and roars with grunts. Something in large mass was pursuing them. They quickly decided to make a run and exit the cavern but the ground began to shake and Gray dwarfs were assailed from beneath the ground by an Ankheg. The Duergars and the party quickly dispatched it and the scout gray dwarves blew up the tunnel the ankheg made in order to prevent more from sprouting out or at least to discourage another attack as explosions tend to send ankhegs the other direction. The group forced the Duergars to leave their prized possessions they amassed on their wagon and run. For an entire day the group traveled at a fast pace eventually making camp in what seems to be a wet, windy cavern. They settled in within a crevice in the cavern wall that opened into a room and made camp to rest, and mend their wounds. The slavers break out medical kits and begin to force their slaves to tend to their wounds.


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