Forgotten Realms and Beyond

03: Little Dead Things Should Stay Dead

Undead Minotaurs, Hook Horrors and Gnolls

Hooked on You

After a much needed rest the group pack up their belongings and muster the strength to tackle the long windy corridors ahead of them. Thankfully their Goblin companions have proved their worth to the group by leading them through the maze like tunnels. Of course, they are treasure blind and fail to notice some rather large bones in 3 separate piles. Before they could finish their day dream of swimming in endless treasure the piles began to rise and and take form of monstrous Minotaurs. Three of them standing nearly 9 ft tall with great-axes the size of human. The group’s warlock quickly casts the slow spell stunting their movement and reactions to the groups relentless assault. Surprisingly they were able to take the three down in a matter of seconds. Galenar searches their remains discovering what appears to be a ritual scroll located within the bone piles. The group deduce that some sort of ritual was used to bring these creatures to life, but for what purpose? Not much further the little sprite takes the lead and scouts for the group. She hears clicking and rhythmic thumps. The group cautiously approach to the next area in the tunnels. Fearing the Faerzress they rely on skill and stealth to take down whatever is ahead of them. Feron the groups half Drow realizes, those sounds being made are Hook Horrors and they negotiate the tunnels to spy on the enemy. As suspected, the hook horrors were talking with their hooked arms and clicks upon the walls. Andraste changes form to a Dire wolf and rushes in to take one down. Everyone begins to aid their druid in whatever way they can, except Vicar who fears for the Myconid’s safety. Prince Derendil nods Vicar’s way and she rushes in to aid the group, knowing the prince would watch her little friends… or are they ingredients? Oh well, matters not. She is protective of the lot of them and trusts the prince with their care. The hook horrors are dispatched and the druid wanders alone to a room where the hooks were nesting and lights a few bone piles on fire.. a few seconds later an explosion takes place and the bones as well as anything in the nest went up into flames. The group was extremely frustrated with their druid who nearly killed them with his foolishness. A fight takes place between him and a few of them and Andraste succumbs to his wounds. They loot his body and take his staff….

Soon the tunnels come to an end and so does the Faerzress infused area. The group feel more free to cast their spells and upon reaching new terrain features they encounters what appears to be smooth tunneled caves. The light has faded behind them and ahead lies only darkness. Feron and Galenar are in the lead navigating through the tunnels when out of a small passage burst forth 2 hook horrors who at first pause and take notice of the group but continue to run into another passage that seemed too small for their kind. The group decide to investigate the area the hooks came from and find that the hooks were being chased by a group a gnolls whipped into a frenzy by their god, Yeenoghu. Easily and quickly the group dispatch the hideous dog creatures. When they return they notice Buppido has split from the party and pursued the Hooks and Rumblefoot followed him. Trying to decide if they should follow Buppido or continue following the goblins to the exit from the tunnels they are spotted by another roaming Gnoll band who has a packmaster keeping the 3 gnolls with him frenzied. They rush toward Dali who thinks quickly and begins to climb the walls after he casts spider climb. He sits on the ceiling assailing the band of gnolls while the group attack them from below. Eventually they liberate the area of the dog menace and decide to send their sprite friend after Buppido. When Nyx arrives to the area where Rumblefoot and Buppido are, she sees Buppido going barbarian crazy on the hooks and Fargas Rumblefoot sticking and moving. However, it wasn’t good enough and the female Hook stabs the little halfing in the gut. He falls unconscious and without wasting a second Buppido yells in some strange language and lunges over Fargas’ body and severs his head. He then spends a few seconds dodging attacks from the hooks and drinking the halfling’s blood. Once finished with his drink he finishes the hooks off 1 by 1… and does they same to each of them. Nyx nearly screams but instantly flies back to tell her master what she had just seen.

Dali, who was quite concerned, told the others about strange and dreadful news. Feron had already left to check on Bupiddo and did not get the news. He met Buppido and noticed Buppido severing the Hooks heads drinking their blood. Feron unfazed searches the room and discovers a hole in the lower part of the ceiling. He hops through and finds a clutch of eggs. Just as he pulls his dagger out to dispose of the eggs one hatches, and locks eyes upon its new MOMMY! it instantly begins to clutch at Feron’s feet and Feron takes mercy on it and feeds it something. A few seconds later Galenar arrives and decides to kill the clutch too, but Feron strikes a deal with him. They keep the eggs and head back to the group with Buppido close behind them. The group decides Buppido is not to be trusted and they knock him out sparing him as they don’t Know how to get to Gracklstug. They tie Buppido up and strap him onto the back of a Quaggoth who reluctantly takes the mad derro upon his back. The group continue through the tunnels and search it thoroughly and find nothing but when they get to the exit there they see a few gnolls camping out awaiting their search party friends and leader’s to return. The gnolls notice the group and decide to run, but the group catch them before they get far and end their existence. Deciding the camp was a perfect place to rest they take advantage of the setup. Thus ending their strange day within the tunnels, saying goodbye to Andraste and Fargas whom they may have just met. Isn’t it interesting to know that things not from the underdark don’t stay long in this place. In the DARK.


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