Forgotten Realms and Beyond

02: Betrayer To The Betrayers

Missing Scouts

After a much needed rest the party began to gather their belongings when their perceptive monk took notice to members missing, particularly of the gray skin nature. Tharnak rubbed his hands together and readied his weapons for what he believed to be a preemptive attack by the gray Dwarves upon his group. After a brief debate the party had come to the decision that the gray Dwarves were more than just gone, they concluded somehow that they must’ve disappeared… Magically.. Galenar began to cast spells to help reveal hidden objects as well as our hooded warlock and to no avail. Tharnak gripped his axe tightly and widened his gaze and listened with his ears. Eventually Dali was able to pick up slight scuffles in the southern area of the groups room and cast his spell revealing the hidden creature and as suspected it was an outlying glowing figure similar to a gray Dwarf. Andraste immediately rushes the figure and tackles it. Soon a grapple match would ensue and the monk moves in to help. Without questioning the figure the group 1 by 1 began to aid in the struggle while Tharnak and Vicar remained still, bracing for a possible ambush. The myconids at Vicar’s side tightly squeezing her legs not wanting to be separated by their protector push the small gnome within their tightly nestled group. The gnome begins to exclaim for his life and pleas with Buppiddo to enter into the fray who agrees and readies his great axe. Tharnak hears something slithering by him and Galenar and him begin to swing wildly at the air. THUD Tharnak hits something and Galenar follows his lead landing a few hits on the unseen thing. While the fight ensues south of the group more scuffling is heard and soon 2 gray Dwarves appear and begin to enlarge themselves. The one closest to the entrance enlarges himself and lodges himself between the archway of the stone enclave, essentially trapping the group within the chamber. Vicar charges forward and helps Galenar dispatch the large Duergar before them and once that is done both of them run in to aid Tharnak who is casting spells and swinging his glistening axe at the enlarged being in the doorway.

The group continues their struggle and through patience and sheer luck they find all the missing Duergars. Buppiddo was more than just a spectator actively chopping off the head of one of the younger Duergars and drinking its blood, calling his victim," a worthy sacrifice!" None of the group see a point in sparing these traitors who they just rescued. So they coupe de grace their leader as he laid unconscious on the ground… They dust themselves off and before they leave they hear a moderate medium sized group heading their way from the direction they originally came in on. Ahead of them in the opposite direction is a series of tunnels. In an attempt to not be caught by the stampede of footsteps heading their way they rush toward the tunnels.

Further within the tunnels but maybe a minute or two the group stumble upon a large web with two cocooned humanoids within the web. They decide its too curious to pass up and investigate. Galenar moves in to cut the cocooned humanoids and finds within a Halfling and Drow who appears very human… Being in a hurry Galenar begins to pull a potion out of his bag when he is assailed upon by a large spider 2 times his size. The group quickly dispatch the creature and Tharnak heals the 2 inebriated persons. He yells at them explaining that there is no time to explain and to run if they want to live.

After running a few hundred feet further into the tunnel it suddenly ends with a large chasm before the group. The gorge is 2000 ft across and 500 feet deep with another 500 feet above them. Laid throughout the chasm is a series of large webbing that could be used to traverse the cavern. Which way should they go? Back to where their pursuers are or onward into a maze of webs. It was agreed upon by all that the best way to go is away from their pursuers and into the maze. While struggling to navigate through the chasm and its web laid paths ahead of the party are 2 small goblins who seem to be surfing on the web and at times even looking as if they are ice skating across the large laid patches of web. They jump in front of the group and immediately begin to speak in common, which tells the group these aren’t normal goblins and they are right. In their hands is a jar of grease that they use to grease the bottoms of their boots to help them glide effortlessly across the webbing

The goblins explain that they are treasure hunters and are looking to make a quick buck. One is tall and slightly chubby while the other is small and skinny. The skinny one introduces himself and his brother as Yuk Yuk and Spiderbait. They immediately begin to try and strike a deal with the adventurers adding that if the group wanted they could get them across the gorge faster and to a safe exit but not only that; they would even take them to a place with treasure as long as they could have a share. Feeling pressed for time the group immediately agrees and hires the two without further explanation from the goblins.

Strange things were found in the web maze, treasure chests that were laiden with magical items while some had valuable potions and gems. The group being true to their word shared their treasure and gifted the goblins who were grateful. The web maze continues on for hours and the group had strange but not too difficult encounters eventually taking care of their would be ambushers within the maze. The goblins showed them a ledge that was covered in webs made into walls and Andraste morphed into a large spider and placed Dali upon his back as Dali had many slip ups on the webbing and nearly fell. Andraste began to clear the webbing when he noticed figures approaching from the other side of the obstacles. He began to sneak around the obstacles by lowering himself in spiderform with Dali on his back down the ledge and walked around the obstacles. There before him were 4 Drow scouts with 4 enslaved quaggoth. Andraste fired his webbing in hopes to catching the scouting group off guard. The party behind their web wall began to hack slash through the webbing and once they cut far enough noticed the scouts and Andraste spitting his web at them. Then Dali used a spell and transformed himself into a Drow Highpriestess. He yelled and cursed the scouts for straying so far and made them turn around. The Drow groveled and repented of their wrong and began to march back to a tunnel at the end of the ledge when all of a sudden a Large skeletal beast appeared before them and began to swing its giant axe at them wildly.

Andraste and Dali began to fire at the scouting group aiding the beast they were engaged with. The party hacked through the remaining web and rushed forth into the fray. Rushing up on the remaining quaggoth and the large skeletal beast. Since the scouting party was confused and more afraid of the priestess than the beast they each continued to fight the beast until their last dying breath. The party and the remaining 2 quaggoth focused the beast until its bones were shattered. Dali stepped off of the spider pointed to the quaggoth and explained to them they were no longer slaves. Prince Derendil stepped forward and decided that he would lead them and that if they escorted him to his kingdom, that he would be back to free the remaining quaggoth. The quaggoth submitted and while scratching their heads saw no reason to not aid another quaggoth. Prince Derendil and the 2 quaggoth followed by the goblins began to walk into the tunnel entrance and within they found yet another series of maze like tunnels. Worried the group was hungry, tired and injured the goblins suggested a nice alcove within the tunnels to rest in and quickly rushed the group there.

The group began to settle in when the goblins let them in on a something important regarding the tunnels. They explained that the Faerzress within the tunnels makes magic go boom and that is how they wound up free from their Shaman who treated them like slaves. After giving the group this important piece of knowledge they decide to take watch while the group rest and they ran off to hide near the entrance way. The 2 quaggoth decide to aid the tiny creatures in their watch and also leave to guard the entrance and the other tunnels. Thus the group survived another day in the underdark….

Prince Derendil
Yuk Yuk and Spiderbait


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