D'Romft Xornbane (Clan Xornbane) *R.I.P*

Leader of a rag tag gray dwarves scout troop.


He is bald with a scar over his right eye. Looks to be a bit aged and experienced and is sporting chainmail with a finely crafted maul. He is easily angered but is quick to temper it with logic. He likes striking up bargains and is always attempting to enter into a new deal or renegotiate old deals.


Clan Xornbane is the clan willing to scout and prospect for new mines. They aren’t the wealthiest of clans but they are perhaps the most useful. D’Romft is son to the Laird of his clan and the others around him don’t dare step out of line. He enjoys his scouting job and preferably loves when they stumble upon weaker creatures to bring back to Gracklstugh as slaves. Slaves are a high commodity in Gracklstugh and always fetch a good price. Prospecting also has its value but it is rare that new mines are found which leads Clan Xornbane one of the few clans willing to travel such great lengths to find these mines.

Prospecting and bringing slaves back is one good way to get the right attention and move up within the feudal system at Gracklstugh

D'Romft Xornbane (Clan Xornbane) *R.I.P*

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