Salvador Dali

Aasimar warlock serving his patron Archfey


Salvador does his best to keep his celestial heritage hidden, normally he uses the mask of many faces to change his skin and eye color so that he appears human, he also limits the amount of exposed skin as that lowers the chance of someone seeing through his illusion. He appears as a tan skinned human with black hair, brown eyes and a pencil thin mustache.


Salvador spent many years of his youth listening to his angelic guide Seraphina who pushed him to seek out and attempt to punish evil even though he was barely a teenager and often found himself wounded and limping away from the fight only to be chastised in his dreams. One day while fleeing a group of criminals Salvador wandered into a forest where the boundaries between the prime material and the fey-wild blended together. The tower he wandered into belonged to a powerful Archfey who took pity on the wounded Aasimar and offered a deal, he could block Seraphinas influence and release Salvador from her hold; but he must swear himself to the archfeys service as his agent on the material plane. Salvador agreed and upon returning with his new power found himself joining the thieves and spies he once denounced as evil.

Salvador Dali

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