Myconid family and Stool

A group of myconids once enslaved by Duergars


This group of myconids was once part of a larger group with a sovereign myconid. Their Duergar captors ransacked their sanctuary and killed their Sovereign. Demoralized, the group acquiesced to their captors. There are 4 adults and 2 sprouts. One of them has chosen a name for himself and is Identifying with Vicar. He sees her as a protector, a sovereign. His name is stool. Recently the party dispatched the myconid captors and have vowed to protect the myconids, at least until they find a safe place to say farewell.


Mushroom looking humanoids. Live in giant hive like mushroom colonies. They telepathically bond with one another and other humanoids. Spend most of their time in a dream like state or shared delusion given to them by their sovereign.

Myconid family and Stool

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