Duergar Scouts (clan Xornbane)

Gray dwarve scouting clan, hailing from Gracklstugh


A young group of Gray Dwarves who are set apart by their appearance compared to most gray dwarves. They still have some color to their hair and eyes but fail to display battle experience on their skin unlike their leader. Most are quiet and don’t speak and are constantly finding something useful to do.


Clan Xornbane scouts are chosen young and sent out to prospect, scout or forage for exotic and rare finds. Clan Xornbane is one of the few clans actively leaving Gracklstugh seeking out new mines and rare finds. Perhaps that is why they aren’t drab in color as the rest of the Duergars who sit locked up in the smog ridden town of Gracklstugh. The clan is similar to adventurers in the upper world. Like adventurers they contract out to the deep king as scouts making their rounds around Gracklstugh and reporting back to the captain of the Stone Guard. Clan Xornbane is on an upward rise in the feudal system as it has become one of the most useful clans as of late. Their rare finds, prospecting and useful information has made them a hot commodity to the Deep King and they expect their laird to hold a higher seat among the council of lairds.
Some of the scouts have been missing for a much longer time than usual.

Duergar Scouts (clan Xornbane)

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