Well met adventurer! I am the chronicler of Faerun’s heroes, though my name is not important. Pay attention to these words for you will witness the names of the few who even the gods owe a debt of service to. You will endure much throughout your reading of these chronicles. There will be a considerable amount of loss , but it is our hope that you take heed to what you read in these pages. For they contain something more than knowledge and something worth more than all of the treasure in 1000 dragons’ horde. Do not mistake these pages full of mere words, but realize that what awaits you is truly a living legend. Let it breathe into you hope, understanding and power.

This is a story of a few who dared to stand against evil and alter Faerun’s fate of darkness. This is a story of the mortals who braved to stand in the light and keep Faerun a lit with the flames of hope. Although, I fear not many know of the debt that we mortals owe to these heroes. So, I, the chronicler have taken it upon myself to enlighten YOU, the reader of their great deeds. Read it with conviction mortal!! And let it change your heart! By Mystra’s lost spell! I speak not of just legends, but of good friends to me and to all of the people of Faerun. May this message forever be told into the heart of mortals.

~The Chronicler

Forgotten Realms and Beyond

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